Northern & Central Midwest

April, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Permaculture Institute
The Permaculture Institute is the resource you need to find out everything about permaculture. The website has an incredible amount of information about the principles, the plants, and has plenty of examples as well. There are classes offered all over the country, the world in fact, and this is a clearinghouse for all aspects of education. There are several blogs, including wood harvesting, knitting, cooking, and any other aspects of home life. Pemaculture can be overwhelming, so probably the best resource on the website is the host of examples on how to start incorporating permaculture into your own landscape, one small bed at a time.


Perennial Companions
In Small Perennial Gardens: The Know Maintenance Approach (American Nurseryman Publishing Company, 2008) author Roy Diblik offers us an entirely new way to think about the perennial garden. His premise is to choose not single plants, but rather communities of compatible plants that live well together and support each other. Learning which plants make good companions is the first step toward a permaculture system, and even if you only want to have a pretty perennial garden, Diblik's recipes will help you put in gardens that establish quickly and require minimal care. He, too, insists that plants live in their own debris, in a community that thrives together.

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