Lower South

March, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Tree and Shrub Identification Resource
Leaf ID is a great resource from Auburn University for gardeners trying to identify a tree or shrub. Visitors to the website can browse the list of 180 trees and shrubs, or narrow down the identity of their mystery plant by leaf shape, type, margin, or even the shape of the leaf's apex or base. This is a great site for making a leaf collection from a nature walk!

Favorite or New Plant

Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire
Virginia sweetspire (Itea virginica) is a deer resistant shrub native to the southeastern United States. 'Henry's Garnet' is perhaps the most common in the trade but grows to over 5 feet tall, which may be too large for some landscape settings. Little Henry (Itea virginica 'Sprich') is a dwarf version that reaches only 2-3 feet tall and wide. Like its larger cousins it thrives in full sun to bright shade and can even tolerate poorly drained soil. In late spring to early summer 3-4 inch long tassels of white blooms arch outward with a semi-pendulous, bottlebrush-like form. The semi-evergreen foliage turns an attractive orange to bright red to burgundy color in the fall.

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