March, 2012
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Philadelphia International Flower Show App
Yes, the Philadelphia International Flower Show has an app available at The Flower Show. Compatible with most mobile devices (including the iPhone, iPad, and Android), the free Flower Show App will maximize your Flower Show experience. With the App you can browse the list of presentations and bookmark those you want to attend. Navigate the Show floor with detailed maps. Test your skills with Flower Show trivia. Rate the exhibits and give feedback. Find parking lots, local restaurants, and other tools to plan your trip. The Flower Show runs through Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Tool or Gardening Product

TerraCycle Brigade Program - Collect, Recycle For Charity
TerraCycle's program involves volunteers joining brigades that collect different waste stream materials ranging from candy wrappers to pens. TerraCycle pays shipping for every unit of waste sent to the company and at least $0.02 to a charity or school of your choice. TerraCycle has collection and solution programs for all kinds of typically non-recyclable waste. It processes the collected waste into new products, from recycled park benches to upcycled backpacks. See http://www.terracycle.net/en-US/ for more information.

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