February, 2012
Regional Report

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Stormwater PA
Stormwater PA is your go-to resource for current information and effective techniques in stormwater management. When rain fall exceeds the land's ability to absorb it, the result is stormwater runoff. The volume of runoff and flow rate varies with the rainfall's intensity and duration and with the type of land surface. Without treatment, most stormwater that runs from the land into our waterways is unhealthy for people and bad for the environment. This program is one effort to preserve natural cycles and find innovative ways to mimic the environmental functions existing before we disturbed landscapes with buildings, farmlands, parking lots, and roads. The solution lies in comprehensive stormwater management, which offers tremendous rewards to local economies, the environment, and quality of life.

Favorite or New Plant

Horticulturist and author Allan Armitage coined the term "nativar" to describe the cultivars of native plants. Native plants are valued for their adaptability to environmental conditions such as poor soil and drought. They're low maintenance. They also tend to provide food and shelter for wildlife. Many native species don't catch the eye like show-stopping ornamental perennials though. Nativars are created with superior ornamental qualities, such as color, longevity, and repeat bloom. Examples are the many new coreopsis, cone flower, and coral bells cultivars -- or should I say, nativars.

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