Southwestern Deserts

January, 2012
Regional Report

Shows & Events

High on the Desert Gardening & Landscaping Conference
Learn gardening techniques for the unique growing conditions of the high desert. University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Cochise County Master Gardeners sponsor the 19th-annual High on the Desert Gardening & Landscaping Conference in Sierra Vista, Arizona, on Feb. 16 and 17. Pre-registration is required. $65 for one day; $100 for both days. For session details, go to, or call (520) 458-8278, Ext. 2141.

Clever Gardening Technique

Sterilize Pruning Tools
Always use sharp, sterile pruning tools. If you believe your tree may have a disease or pest problem, sterilize the blade between each cut so as to not spread it around the tree. Use a 10 percent bleach solution in a spray bottle. Clean and sterilize tools after you finish.

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