Southern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

January, 2012
Regional Report

Shows & Events

Plant Propagation for Homeowners
On Saturday, February 18, 2012, from 9 am-12 noon at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont, CA, Dave Lannom will introduce you to the wonderful world of sexual and asexual propagation among plants and show you how you can multiply or increase in number the plants you already have growing at your home. Learn the advantages, types, and techniques associated with cuttings, as well how cutting stock is rooted, stimulated, and cared for. You'll also learn the basics of grafting, including reasons for grafting, types of grafting, tips for success and aftercare. In addition to cuttings and grafting, you'll learn about layering techniques and applications to get you started. Handouts provided. Pre-registration is required. RSABG member $25, public $32. For more information or to register, visit, call 909-625-8767, ext. 224, or email

Clever Gardening Technique

Keep Your Compost Cooking
Continue replenishing your compost pile by adding non-greasy kitchen and grass clippings, plant foliage, and dry matter in alternate layers with soil. Don't add any diseased plant material. Chop up bulky items to help them break down faster. Keep the pile moist but not waterlogged, and loosen or turn it every other week or so to let in air. When rains begin, cover the pile loosely to prevent its getting too waterlogged and leaching out its rich nitrogen. To keep a compost pile "working hot," build it between three and five feet high and wide for the most favorable surface-to-volume ratio. Keep in balance all the necessary ingredients -- fresh, moist greenery, dried leaves and small twigs or wood chips, and some soil, compost, or manure.

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