Northern & Central Midwest

January, 2012
Regional Report

Web Finds

Wisconsin Fresh Market Growers Association
Wisconsin Fresh Produce is indicative of a growing trend in most states. This site not only gives information about Wisconsin Fresh Market Growers Association members, their farms, and what produce they sell, but there is a great deal of information about when specific vegetables are in season. There are also fact sheets on each vegetable with tips on buying, storing, and eating, along with plenty of great recipes and links to the Wisconsin Berry Growers and Apple Growers associations. So, enjoy this site, and if you're not from Wisconsin, do some digging to see what's available in your ownstate.


Extending the Season
The title pretty much says it all. The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year-round Vegetable Production Using Deep Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses by Eliot Coleman (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2009, $29.95) is the quintessential book about extending the garden season. Eliot Coleman has been trying and sharing his knowledge about extending the season for twenty years and has summed it up in this readable, easily accessible book. He gives tips about everything from using simple cold frames all the way to using the newest high-tunnel technology.

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