Northern & Central Midwest

December, 2011
Regional Report

Web Finds

Beginning Farmers
Have you ever found a website that held your attention for days? Beginning Farmers is one of those. It has an almost endless supply of information and links to anything you could possibly want to know about starting a farm, whether large or backyard sized. There is information about conferences, animals, books, land for rent or sale, Web publications, composting, IPM, mushroom farming and hundreds of other subjects. I promise -- you will wander around in the site for days!


Alternative Kitchen Gardens
Everyone seems to have how-to books on kitchen gardens these days, but The Alternative Kitchen Garden, A-Z by Emma Cooper, (Permanent Publications, 2010) is a unique conversation about what it means to garden. This is a collection of the author's blog entries for several years and not only gives some tips and hints on how to garden well, but also talks about unique aspects such as forgotten crops, failures and successes, and most of all, a conversation with a real gardener. It is a fun read, and along with the enjoyment comes knowledge that is slipped in almost surreptitiously.

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