June, 2009
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Bumble bees or honey bees? Their yellow pollen baskets were plump and bright against their black hind legs. Nonetheless, they scoured the peony, pushing aside pink petals searching for more nectar and pollen. Large, hairy, black and yellow = bumble bee. Smaller, brown with narrow, yellow stripes = honey bee. For photos and fascinating information. see EverythingAbout.net.

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Three Summer Weekends of Free Admission to National Parks and Monuments
This upcoming weekend is one of three this summer that the U.S. Secretary of the Interior has designated for free admission to our 391 national parks and monuments in 49 states. Entrance fee will be waived on June 20-21, July 18-19 and August 15-16. Pack up the kids, friends, whomever... and enjoy our country's most beautiful treasures.

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