Middle South

May, 2006
Regional Report

Web Finds

Succulent Plant Page
A resource for gardeners interested in succulent plants, including cacti, the Succulent Plant Page offers in-depth information on a range of succulents, including the natural history and biology of the plants, as well as growing and propagation tips. There are some lovely photos, too. I especially appreciate "This Month's Pin-Up," which is currently a photo of a lovely living wreath made from succulents.

Clever Gardening Technique

Set Out the Healthiest Plants
I like to make sure transplants are growing vigorously before I set them out in the garden. If seedlings or purchased plants are rootbound, I pot them up in larger containers using a mix of potting soil and composted bark mulch. Then I wait until new, white roots have begun filling out the potting soil before I set them in the garden. I find that they are better able to adapt to the more challenging garden conditions if they have lots of young, vigorous roots.

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