Northern & Central Midwest

June, 2003
Regional Report

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Big-Leaf Hydrangeas for the North!
Gardeners in cold climates dream of growing the rich blue hydrangeas that grow so readily in Southern New England and more southern climes. Unfortunately, these hydrangeas bloom on second-year wood, which seldom survives the winters in Zones 5 and north. Good News! Bailey Nursery has developed a new cultivar of Hydrangea macrophylla called 'Endless Summer', which blooms on new wood. This means that we can get those huge balls of flowers even in northern climates. Just remember that if you have alkaline soil, the flowers will be pink. To get them blue, you must naturally have acid soil or must acidify it. So, keep your eyes open for these new plants to come on the market!

Web Finds

Ohio State Extension Plant Dictionary
The online Ohio State Extension Plant Dictionary is a good all-around dictionary for some of the most common trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. Each entry has a good clear photo as well as cultural information. Best of all, you can look up the plant by common or scientific name and will find a wealth of information.

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