June, 2001
Regional Report

In the Garden


Self-Sowing Plants

Plants that produce an abundance of seed and readily self-sow can be a blessing or a curse. Such prolific plants bloom their heads off so they can set seed and multiply. The seeds spread all around the garden, so new plants pop up in unexpected places...
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Shows & Events

Live Butterfly Show Step into a conservatory filled with live butterflies during the Wings of Fancy Live Butterfly...

Web Finds

Perennials for Shady Locations If you're looking to plant something besides impatiens and hosta in that shady spot, Perennials...
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Regional Reminders

  • Make an Herbicide Shield
  • Take Tip Cuttings
  • Create Weed-Free Pathways
  • Self Seeded Flowers
  • Divide Pond Plants

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