Inland Northwest, High Desert

October, 2000
Regional Report

In the Garden


Simple Rose Mallows

There is a warm little place on the south side of my house. There, the wind is all but absent, and in this little oasis the prettiest flowers grow. Someone gave me a seed envelope labeled "perennial flowers" a few years ago, and it seems that everything...
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The Old Rose Advisor The Old Rose Advisor , by Brent C. Dickerson (Timber Press, 1992; $65), will tell you everything...

Web Finds

The Chemistry of Autumn Leaves If you like fall foliage colors and always wanted to know more about them, here's the site for...
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Regional Reminders

  • Seed a New Lawn
  • Clean Up Vegetable Gardens
  • Clean Up Flower Beds
  • Recycle Sunflower Stalks
  • Winter-Fertilize Lawns

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