Lower South

April, 2001
Regional Report

In the Garden


Spring Lawn Care

Like most folks, I appreciate a beautiful lawn. But in an effort to have a great lawn, many gardeners pamper their grass, creating problems for the turf and the environment. Great lawns result from attention to three simple practices: mowing, watering,...
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Web Finds

Vines in Georgia Vines bring beauty and shade to any southern garden. The folks at the University of Georgia...

Favorite or New Plant

Coral Honeysuckle The tame growth habit and beautiful tubular blooms of coral honeysuckle ( Lonicera sempervirens...
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Regional Reminders

  • Leaf Blights on Trees
  • Sow Warm-Season Annual Seeds Into the Garden
  • Fertilize Azaleas
  • Move Houseplants Outdoors
  • Stockpile Leaves

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