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June, 2014
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Picking Perfect Phlox

National News

Garden phlox is one of the stalwarts of the summer garden, providing color and stature during the midsummer months. But, although lovely, it isn't always carefree. Too often powdery mildew mars...

'Patio Baby' Eggplant

Eggplants in the garden are beautiful to look at and offer lots of delicious culinary possibilities in the kitchen. But they are not always the easiest crop to grow. It can be a challenge to...

You Glow Girl!

To get the most from your landscape plants, keep in mind what they offer as the seasons change. A flowering shrub may look gorgeous in full bloom, but what does it offer when it's not in flower?...

Non-Invasive Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly bushes (Buddleia davidii) are long time garden favorites, both for their graceful, fragrant panicles of flowers, as well as for the butterflies these blooms draw to the garden....

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In the Garden


Vegetable Garden Pest Control

With the summer solstice not far off, vegetable gardens are in prime growth right now. And even though these gardens take more intense intervention by gardeners than a prairie or woodland garden, there are still ways to try to keep pest problems at a...
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Favorite or New Plant

Korean Angelica Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas), an old-fashioned plant that is coming back into vogue, can...

Clever Gardening Technique

Bag Your Apples Believe it or not, paper bags can be added to your arsenal for protecting developing apples. All...
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Regional Reminders

  • Keep Out Those Cuke Beetles
  • Watch for Japanese Beetles
  • Mulch the Veggie Garden
  • Control Whiteflies Indoors Organically
  • Keep Tomato Problems at Bay

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