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February, 2014
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Long Blooming Osteospermum

National News

Osteospermums, also known as African daisies, are tender perennials that are favorites for cool-season gardening. These South African natives offer a profusion of daisy-like blossoms when the...

Blazing Hot Strawflower

When summer weather gets hot, turn up the heat even more -- visually that is -- with Sundaze® Blaze Strawflower. This hybrid Bracteantha, new this year from Proven Winners, will set a...

Spotted Wing Drospohila

Big problems often come in small packages. Such is the case with spotted wing drosophila (SWD), a new threat to both commercial and home garden fruit plantings, especially berry crops. This...

Spotlight on Youth Gardening: Kentucky Children’s Garden

Conservation is the key to all youth programs at the Kentucky Children's Garden, a 2013 recipient of National Gardening Association's Jamba Juice ″It's All About the Fruit and...

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In the Garden


Camellias for Cool Season Bloom

Camellias are evergreen shrubs native to the cool mountain regions of Asia. As a matter of fact, Camellia sinensis , a distant cousin of our own garden variety plants, is the plant that tea comes from. Camellias are perfectly adapted to our mild...
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Shows & Events

Filoli Opening Celebration: Branches, Buds, and Blossoms Bring your sweetheart to Filoli for Valentines Day! From magnolia, camellia and narcissus...

Favorite or New Plant

Nemesia Nemesia is a colorful, cool-season annual. The flowers resemble those of lobelia, but they're...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prune Evergreen Shrubs
  • Spray Dormant Plants
  • Plant Cool-Season Crops
  • Improve Garden Beds
  • Begin Watering Indoor Cacti

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