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January, 2014
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'Cinderella's Carriage' Pumpkin

National News

While you may not want to be gardening in your glass slippers, you can still grow 'Cinderella's Carriage'. It may not get you to the ball to meet your prince, but you will be rewarded with a fairy...

'Chef's Choice Orange' Tomato

Many gardeners value heirloom tomato varieties for their delicious flavor, even though they may lack the desirable characteristics of more modern hybrids such as disease resistance. Now you can...

Gardening on the Moon

You may have heard of gardening by the moon, but how about gardening on the moon? In an effort to explore the possibilities for living on the moon for extended periods of time, NASA is planning...

Still Growing after Hurricane Sandy on Coney Island

The Coney Island Garden Program, now fully recovered after Hurricane Sandy, is a growing success. After the garden was destroyed by the 2012 superstorm, program director Ramy Fakhr and a dedicated...

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In the Garden


Planning for Crop Rotation

Winter is a great time for garden planning. You can while away an entire snowy afternoon drawing and redrawing planting possibilities. One of the things to keep in mind when sketching out ideas for the upcoming season's vegetable garden is where in your...
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Web Finds

Seed Starting Calculator If you start seeds of vegetables, herbs, and flowers indoors, you'll find the Seed Starting...

Clever Gardening Technique

Landscaping for the Birds Consider adding berry-producing plants to your landscape this spring to provide food for birds....
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Regional Reminders

  • Remove Snow Gently from Shrubs and Trees
  • Check for Overwintering Insects on Trees and Shrubs
  • Gather Supplies for Seed Starting
  • Check Viability of Stored Seeds
  • Fan Your Seedlings

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