Southwestern Deserts

November, 2013
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Invasion of the Kudzu Bug

National News

If you live in the Southeastern or Mid-Atlantic states, you may find some unfamiliar insects congregating on the side of your house this fall, looking for places to shelter for the winter. If...

A New Twist with Celosia

Looking for something unusual for your flower garden next spring? Give a new twist to your plantings with Celosia 'Twisted'. This eye-catching variety of Celosia cristata features bright red,...

Go with Gojis

You may have heard the health benefits of goji (go-gee) berries touted of late. These bright orange-red berries, the fruits of the Asian shrub Lycium barbarum , as well as juice made from them,...

Stopping Stinkbugs

There's another relatively new introduced insect pest that's causing problems for both commercial agricultural growers and home gardeners. It's also a home-invading nuisance as it crawls into...

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In the Garden


Plant Cool-Season Annuals for Winter Color

There's still time to transplant cool-season annuals in the low desert, for months of lovely color. Most cool-season flowers prefer 6 to 8 hours of full sun daily to bloom their best. If possible, provide an eastern exposure that gets morning sun but...
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Botany for Gardeners Author Brian Capon explains the inner workings of plants in Botany for Gardeners: Third Edition...

Clever Gardening Technique

Ridding Houseplants of Excess Salts Salts from fertilizers and our water sources can build up in the soil over time and be absorbed...
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Regional Reminders

  • Thin Seedlings
  • Force Paperwhite Bulbs
  • Sow Cool-Season Vegetable Seeds
  • Plant Bulbs
  • Change Automatic Timers

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