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September, 2013
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Cheyenne Sky

National News

Fall is on its way. This is the time of the year when ornamental grasses really strut their stuff in the garden, their leaves backlit by low autumn sunlight, their panicles waving against a clear...

Take a Trip to Tomatoville

Tomatoes are the number one home vegetable garden crop in America. Whether you're motivated by the wonderful flavor that only a truly ripe tomato can deliver, want to be the first on your block...

National Pesticide Information Center

Want to find out about safe pest control strategies? Have a question about dealing with mosquitoes or ticks in your home landscape? Have questions about using pesticides as safely as possible or...

Rating Heucheras

Some plants seem to catch the fancy of plant breeders and inspire them to develop a mind-boggling array of cultivars, so many that a gardener is often at a loss when it comes to choosing among all...

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In the Garden


Dividing Time

Mid to late September is the line of demarcation for most of us in our southern region. Though the calendar says "fall," temperatures are still warm and hurricanes still threaten. But something in the air has changed. It's time to take stock, and get...
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Web Finds

Growing Figs Some people just want a backyard fruit, while others love figs for the shape and texture of the...

Favorite or New Plant

Colorful Croton If you'd like to grow something known as the "world's most colorful plant," then croton is for...
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Regional Reminders

  • Clean Up the Garden
  • Give Hibiscus a Haircut
  • Sow Leaf lettuce
  • Try Trench Composting
  • Plant Spinach

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