July, 2013
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Awesome Asters

National News

Asters have long been favorites for the late-season garden. Their cheerful, star-shaped blossoms (the word ″aster″ is from the Greek for ″star″) in shades of white,...

Begonia 'Sparks Will Fly'

Garden impatiens has long been a favorite for adding color to shady spots in the annual garden. But a new disease threat, downy mildew of impatiens, has caused widespread devastation of this plant...

Math in the Garden

We all know plants are amazing organisms, but did you know that some of them have done their math homework as well? Remember back in the dim reaches of high school math class learning about...

Bountiful Beans

If you like to be up to the minute with your garden news, you'll be glad to learn that All-America Selections has just announced the first of its award winners for 2014! Vegetable Award...

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In the Garden


Deadhead to Stay Ahead

Deadheading is a death warrant of a sort -- for seeds, that is. It sounds vicious, but it is also a potentially rewarding garden practice: Promptly removing spent flowers prevents a plant from reproducing. The frustrated plant will then frantically race...
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Web Finds

Jefferson's Gardens at Monticello Visit Jefferson's Gardens at Monticello and tour the grounds of Monticello, explore the...

Tool or Gardening Product

V-Shaped Blade Garden Hoe There are two hoes with V-shaped blades designed for weeding. Both have their places. The Warren...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Crop Insurance
  • Save Seeds
  • Shoot Your Garden
  • Make Time for Soil Prep
  • Fix a Smelly Compost Pile

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