June, 2013
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Protecting Trees during Construction

National News

Whether you're building on a new site or adding on to or renovating your existing home, you undoubtedly recognize the value of the existing trees on your property and want to keep them healthy and...

Helping Veterans with Green Spaces

Gardeners know the feeling of peace and well-being that working out in the garden brings. Now Keith Tidwell, a senior Extension associate in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell...

White to Rose Geranium

Who doesn't love geraniums! They are easy to grow and the epitome of cheerfulness. And while bright red blossoms are classic, there is lots more to explore in the geranium world. One of the...

Year of the Watermelon

For all of you for whom summer just wouldn't be summer without a sweet crisp watermelon to sink your teeth into, you'll be glad to learn that the National Garden Bureau has declared 2013 as the...

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In the Garden


Container Themes

Containers are like blank slates, waiting to be filled. But there are so many good choices of plants, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to deciding just what to plant. That's when a theme can help to narrow things down. Remember to start by...
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Shows & Events

Walk: Unusual Perennials for Sun Spice up your perennial borders and containers with fresh colors, textures, and shapes. Lisa...

Web Finds

Mulches for the Home Vegetable Garden Mulches for the Home Vegetable Garden is a fact-packed article on mulches that's a must-read...
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Regional Reminders

  • Give Roses Light and Air
  • Use Organic Control for Mildew and Other Diseases
  • Prune Off Spent Lilac Flowers
  • Pinch for Bushiness
  • Deadhead to Stimulate New Flowers

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