Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2013
Regional Report

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Zinnias in Profusion

National News

The Profusion series of zinnias are garden favorites, appreciated for their profuse flowering all summer long, their disease resistance, and their compact size. So gardeners across the country...

Intense 'Intenz'

If you’'re looking for something to add pizzazz to your container plantings or garden beds this summer, check out Celosia 'Intenz', a new offering from Ball Ingenuity. But you better put on your...

A Peach of a Blueberry

Blueberries may be the ideal home garden fruit. Not only are the fruits delicious and filled with healthful phytonutrients, they are easy to grow, with few pest and disease problems, and the...

A Hydrangea for Small Spaces

If you love the lush summer blooms of panicle hydrangea, but are challenged to find a spot for it in your landscape because of its size, you'll be happy to learn of a new dwarf cultivar from...

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In the Garden


Crabapples for the Low Maintenance Landscape

Whether it's the soft pink blossoms and attractive weeping habit of 'Louisa' crabapple, the canopy of deep pink blossoms of 'Indian Magic', or the cheery fragrant blooms of the 'Donald Wyman', spring-flowering ornamental crabapple trees are delightful...
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Composting Nourish your soil with homemade compost. As we begin the garden season in earnest, it's time to...

Favorite or New Plant

Snapdragon Few flowers provide an opportunity for interaction with kids like the colorful snapdragons...
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Regional Reminders

  • Control Bulb Flies
  • Reduce Thatch
  • Control Miller Moths
  • Protect Plant from Flea Beetles
  • Deadhead Lilacs

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