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April, 2013
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Lawn Gone

National News

If you've been thinking about making your landscape more sustainable by reducing the size of your lawn or eliminating it altogether, but are unsure where to start, turn to Lawn Gone! Low...

Raspberry Shortcake

If you thought that fending off prickers was the price to be paid for homegrown raspberries, think again. Monrovia's new Raspberry Shortcake™ dwarf thornless raspberry lets you enjoy a...

Where Have All the Monarchs Gone?

It may not be breaking news that monarch butterflies are in decline, but the most recent population figures for this beautiful butterfly are especially alarming, according to an article in the New...

Bees with a Buzz

Can't get going without the buzz from caffeine in your morning cup of joe? You may have more in common with honeybees than you might guess! It turns out that bees get a buzz from caffeine too --...

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In the Garden


Meet the Eco-Friendly Rain Garden

Rain gardens are a simple and effective way to minimize both water pollution and storm water damage. Never heard of this type of landscape feature? A rain garden is simply a low area that is planted with a variety of shrubs and perennials that are...
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Shows & Events

Tour of Southern England If you've ever dreamed of visiting the best gardens in the UK, including Sissinghurst, Great...


Carolinas Gardener's Handbook The Carolinas Gardener's Handbook by Toby Bost and Bob Polomski (Cool Springs Press, 2012) is...
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Regional Reminders

  • Harden Off Seedlings
  • Watch for Aphids
  • Evaluate Bulbs
  • Divide Cannas
  • Thin Root Crops

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