Coastal and Tropical South

February, 2013
Regional Report

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2013 Espoma Environmental Stewardship Award

National News

Environmental stewardship begins at home. One way to do this is to incorporate sustainable, ecologically sound practices into the gardening and landscaping you do. Creating and maintaining an...

Harvest a Harvest Moon

You won't have to wait for a harvest moon in the sky to pluck one from your garden -- a 'Harvest Moon' watermelon, that is! A 2013 All-America Selections (AAS) Vegetable Award Winner, this is the...

Linking Neighborhoods and Childhood Obesity

We've probably all heard the real estate maxim, ″Location, location, location!″ Well, it turns out to be true for more than just housing values. It also plays a role in the problem of...

Producing Perfect Pepper Transplants

Peppers, whether hot or sweet, are not the easiest crop to grow in many parts of the country. They sulk in cold, yet if it gets too hot, with temperatures above 90 degrees F, they may not set...

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In the Garden


Garden Indoors for Good Health

No matter the season, I always feel a certain chill when I enter a building devoid of indoor plants. Their presence softens angular architecture to set a calm mood even in a hectic office, but their beneficial effects go farther. Plants clean the...
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Favorite or New Plant

Bamboo Palm Compact and suited to low light rooms, this Chamaedorea is also known as reed palm. Many stems...

Tool or Gardening Product

Easy Roller Lawn Cart This Ames True Temper® Easy Roller™ cart tips easily and rolls over almost anything to...
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Regional Reminders

  • Rub Out Aphids
  • Avoid Crispy Leaf Tips
  • Clean Your Tools
  • Prune Roses
  • Catch Up with Grasses

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