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January, 2013
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Tomatoes Help You Stay Healthy

National News

We all know that a ripe tomato, picked fresh from the garden, is one of the tastiest treats around. But a new study bolsters the evidence that including tomatoes in your diet provides excellent...

Don't Eat Dropped Apples

If you grow apples in your home garden, you may be tempted to collect dropped apples to use for making applesauce, cider, or apple butter. But according to a news release from the University of...

But Do Eat Sound Apples!

An apple a day may indeed keep the doctor away! In an apple industry-funded study done recently at Ohio State University's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center and published online in...

Reducing Food Waste

Last time you cleaned out the refrigerator, did a lot of stuff originally intended for your plate end up in the trash? If so, you're not alone. According to a study released in August 2012 by the...

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In the Garden


Ready, Set, Go!

It's almost time to start seeds indoors. Why bother starting your own seeds when you can buy transplants at any garden center? Not only does it save money, but it allows you to grow some unusual varieties only available from mail-order seed companies....
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Clever Gardening Technique

Making Paper Pots One of my winter activities is to sit in front of the fire (or television) and make paper pots...


Vertical Gardening Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces by Susan Morrison, Rebecca Sweet...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plan for De-Icing
  • Plant Fragrant Paperwhite Narcissus
  • Keep Bird Feeders Clean
  • Keep Your Rosemary Alive
  • Try Amaryllis Bulbs all Season Long

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