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November, 2012
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2012 Urban Tree of the Year

National News

Generations ago, stately American elms lined the streets in many of our cities and towns, their arching branches creating a canopy of leafy shade. Then imported Dutch elm disease (DED) struck....

Tough Trees for Tough Sites

Trees growing in urban landscapes often have it tough. Compacted soils, reflected heat, planting sites with little soil, lack of water, interference from overhead wires, and lack of maintenance...

Urban Heat Island Effect

Cities are hot places; in fact, they can be islands of heat in the midst of a cooler regional environment. "Urban heat island" is a term that many of us may have heard of, but not fully...

Urban Farming

Trees aren't the only plants to grow in the city. As the interest in healthy eating, local foods, and sustainable agriculture grows, we see not only more and more home food gardening in city...

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In the Garden


A Perfect Autumn Day

I sometimes daydream about having a perfect garden. One where every plant is in bloom, all grow in perfect unison, and except for visits from beneficial pollinators, not a leaf or flower-munching insect dares to step foot within its boundaries. My...
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Web Finds

Project Bud-Burst Since ancient times cultures around the world have used phenology, the study of climate-related...

Favorite or New Plant

'Arctic Beauty' Kiwi 'Arctic Beauty', or variegated kiwi, is a truly eye-catching vine. In early summer when it leafs...
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Regional Reminders

  • Dig and Store Dahlias
  • Winterize Planters
  • Continue to Mow Your Lawn
  • Turn the Soil
  • Prune Back Mums

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