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October, 2012
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The Weekend Homesteader

National News

Are you ready to move your food gardening up a notch, cut your grocery bills, and have a healthier diet? You can do all this with advice from Anna Hess in her new book, The Weekend Homesteader: A...

Celebrate Food Day

As gardeners, many of us appreciate and experience the benefits of fresh, healthful, and sustainably grown food. But unfortunately not everyone in this country has access to these benefits. That's...

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

There's a new pest on the block and it's raising quite a stink. Brown marmorated stink bugs are pests that were first found in this country in the late 1990s, presumably having hitched a ride in...

Purple Pearls

For a distinctive note of color in your fall garden, add this new beautyberry hybrid to your landscape. A cross between Callicarpa dichotema and Callicarpa kwantungensis, Purple Pearls™...

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In the Garden


They're Here! Dealing with Fall Insect Home Invaders

Just a few minutes ago, my peripheral vision caught a dark shape whizzing by. Then an oval insect with a black back accented in red landed on the desktop in front of me. A box elder bug had come to call! He was not paying a social call, however. At...
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Web Finds

Eating Well When my now college age son was in grade school, I was complaining to his pediatrician at a...


Bulb Forcing There are few better antidotes to a cold, gray New England winter day than a pot of cheery...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Tulips
  • Keep Newly Planted Trees and Shrubs Watered
  • Finish Harvesting Cole Crops
  • Prepare Leeks for Winter Harvest
  • Keep on Weeding

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