Northern California Coastal & Inland Valleys

October, 2012
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Small Space Edible Gardening

National News

If you're interested in growing some of your own food, but aren't sure you have the space or time to do so, turn to horticultural educator William Moss for inspiration and advice. In his new book...

Fall and Winter Gardening Advice

It used to be that the first fall frost signaled the end to the vegetable harvest for most gardeners. But no longer! More and more gardeners are incorporating techniques and materials that allow...

Vertical Fall Color

Vertical gardening is all the rage, and with good reason. Growing vines up arbors, trellises, and tuteurs or over a pergola adds interesting vertical accents to the landscape, can be used to...

A Sweetheart of a Cyclamen

Many of the flowering plants we associate with fall are bright and brassy sun lovers -- asters, chrysanthemums, and goldenrods. But for late summer and fall blooms with a more elegant and...

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In the Garden


Ruth Bancroft Garden

Last week, after the heat wave abated, I drove over to Walnut Creek to witness first hand the glorious Ruth Bancroft Garden. For years I had heard that this was the garden to visit if one desired to see how desert gardening could actually be...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Propagating Succulents The secret to propagating succulent plants from cuttings is to allow the cutting to dry for...

Shows & Events

Bancroft Gardens Fall Plant Sale Bancroft Gardens holds three annual plant sales, in spring, summer and fall. Open to the public,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Add New Plants
  • Order Spring Blooming Bulbs
  • Do Your Homework before Selecting a Tree
  • Set Out Yellowjacket Traps
  • Lawn Grubs

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