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September, 2012
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3D Blooms for Cool Weather

National News

Osteopermum ecklonis, also known as African daisy, is a tender perennial used as an annual that relishes the cool weather of fall and spring, when it blooms its best. This makes it perfect for...

Landscaping for Butterflies

We are often told that one of the best ways to encourage butterflies to visit our property is to landscape with native plants. While it's true that native plants can be great larval host plants...

Emerald Ash Borer Reaches New England

This destructive pest was found for the first time in Connecticut this summer, the first New England state to achieve this dubious distinction. Its presence was confirmed in Prospect, CT and a new...

Get the Facts on Climate Change

With this summer's extended drought and record-setting temperatures, global warming and its attendant climate change are on the minds of many. But it can be a confusing issue, with opinion and...

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In the Garden


Try a Little Tenderness -- for Trees!

The condition of the landscape trees around the Bay Area is appalling! Look in any parking lot and you will see a poor tree that has been scraped and bumped so that it has little or no chance of survival. I think that the people who design these outdoor...
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Mindful Gardening Entering the garden I see my true nature. In its reflection my heart is at peace....

Clever Gardening Technique

Build a Toad Abode A toad will spend many happy years in your garden if he finds a comfortable spot. Toads are...
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Regional Reminders

  • Disbud Chrysanthemums
  • Splint Bent Stems
  • Freeze Herb Harvest
  • Wait to Weed After Watering
  • Deadhead Dahlias

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