August, 2012
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Safe Food Preservation

National News

Are you still putting up pickles the way your Aunt Agatha always did? Do you can your beans and tomatoes the way your mother showed you years ago? Although these passed-down recipes and techniques...

Cast Your Vote

Would you like to help pick this year's American Garden Award (AGA) winner and learn about some exciting new plants at the same time? The AGA, administered by the All-America...

Garden to Plate Safety

Handling fruits and vegetables safely doesn't just apply to preservation methods. It starts right when we harvest our fresh produce. Keeping food safe from garden to plate is especially important...

Love Em and Leave Em

It won't be too much longer before leaves begin to change color and fall in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, all that organic matter falling to earth is too often raked up and discarded,...

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In the Garden


Taming the Wild, Wild Weeds!

Has your garden grown out of control with thistle, dandelion, goose grass, common chickweed, ground ivy (creeping Charlie), broadleaf plantain, etc.? Reader Betsy wrote asking, "What can I do?" Which made me pause and ask myself, "What DO we do?" Any...
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Shows & Events

Urban Tree Care Webinar Pennsylvania Community Forestry will host a webinar on the Diagnosis and Management of Insect &...

Clever Gardening Technique

Pop-Up Gardens I'm going to stretch the meaning of clever gardening technique to include pop-up gardens. Pop-up...
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Regional Reminders

  • Do Research Now for Autumn Tree Planting
  • Consider Tree Care or Removal if Many Branches Break
  • Remove Dead Flower Stalks and Leaves
  • Fertilize Roses for the Last Time
  • Keep Deadheading Perennials

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