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August, 2012
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Grow an Old-Fashioned Fruit Garden

National News

What's the best way to use your delicious, home-grown small fruits? If you're looking for ideas beyond just popping them fresh into your mouth, as well as advice on growing and harvesting, check...

Get Some Good Vibrations

Evergreen junipers are popular for the low-maintenance color and structure they provide year round in the landscape. But their prickly foliage isn't always fun to work around. But Good...

Gardening in a Drought

Much of the country has suffered in the throes of record –breaking heat and drought or abnormally dry conditions this summer. Keeping a garden thriving when the mercury rises and the rains...

Tasteless Tomatoes

It's not big news that many modern tomatoes don't have the flavor of older varieties, especially those that have been bred primarily for commercial production. But some new research published...

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In the Garden


Starting To Think of the Fall and Winter Garden

Because we never know what the weather will do -- continue with heat (as minimal as it's been) or start to cool down -- it's time to make last sowings of summer-maturing crops like bush beans, cucumbers, heat-tolerant lettuce, white seed potatoes, New...
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Shows & Events

Twelve Months of Color with California Natives On Saturday, September 8, from 1:30pm-3:30 pm, Lili Singer will discuss gardening with California...

Clever Gardening Technique

Rest and Enjoy The Garden When planning several hours of work in the garden, take along a hat, lightweight chair, and a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Pinch Blossoms
  • Feed Berries Now For Next Year's Yield
  • Seed Onions; Don't Buy Sets
  • Pick Off Faded Flowers for Another Flush of Blooms
  • Harvest Sunflowers For People and Birds

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