July, 2012
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South Pacific Canna

National News

It's not too early to begin planning next year's garden, so canna enthusiasts and those looking to add tropical flair to their gardens will be pleased to see the announcement of one of the 2013...

Seed Saving and Starting

Are you interested in developing a tomato that is bred to thrive in the particular conditions found in your own home garden by selecting and saving seeds each year? Maybe you'd like to save seeds...

Conserving Bumblebees

We hear a lot these days about colony collapse disorder and the problems facing honeybees. But many folks are not aware that our native bees are struggling as well. The nearly fifty species of...

Unraveling the Mysteries of Tomato Genetics

After years of work by scientists from around the world, the Tomato Genome Consortium announced that the full genome of the tomato has been decoded, specifically that of the variety 'Heinz 1706',...

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In the Garden


"Light" by Night at Longwood

Eager youngsters tugged their parents' arms, drawn like moths to a flame. Other visitors standing at the Small Lake's shore were mesmerized, taking pictures, or moving for a different view. The wonderment -- a field of colorful lights reflecting in the...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Old Wooden Ladder for Climbing Veggies When Lucy bought a decorative rose trellis to replace a wooden ladder, I loaded the ladder into...

Shows & Events

Free Webinar Series: Understanding and Communicating Climate Science Curious about Climate Change? Several west coast universities and education centers are offering...
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Regional Reminders

  • Remember Last Year's Poison Ivy Patches
  • Pick, Pick, Pick Fresh Greens
  • Snack on Yellow and White Florets
  • Fluff Up Mulch
  • Try New Vegetables from the Farmer's Market

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