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June, 2012
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Electric Garden Color

National News

If you'd like to add an electric jolt of color to your shade garden this season, consider the new Infinity® New Guinea impatiens from Proven Winners. 'Electric Cherry' (pictured) sports large,...

Herbal Inspiration

If you're looking for gorgeous photos and lovely watercolor drawings, along with lots of helpful information to inspire your efforts at herb gardening, look no further than the reissued edition of...

Fruits and Veggies May Help Smokers Quit

Are you a smoker who is trying to kick the habit? Upping your consumption of fruits and vegetables may make it easier to quit and remain tobacco-free, according to a new study published in the...

From the Garden to the Grill

The season of barbecues and cookouts is here, and many of us will be enjoying burgers and steaks, chicken and fish hot off the grill. But don't forget to add vegetables and fruits to your grilling...

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In the Garden


Fending Off Tomato Pests

Few vegetables in the home garden can match tomatoes when it comes to widespread popularity or a fanatical fan base! Each year we are introduced to a new group of cultivars that are promoted as more wonderful than ever. Quite frankly I think tomatoes...
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Tool or Gardening Product

MiteYFine Sprayer Spraying upward from underneath the foliage will dislodge mites and aphids from plants,...

Clever Gardening Technique

Vacuum Up Pests Looking for a no-spray way to control stink bugs, squash bugs, and a few other pests? Try a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Maintain Soil Moisture for Fruit Trees
  • Blast Spider Mites
  • Remove Mosquito Breeding Places
  • Fertilize Tropical Flowering Plants
  • Plant Hot Weather Vegetables

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