Southwestern Deserts

May, 2012
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Grow Fruit Naturally

National News

If you are home gardener growing or thinking about growing fruit, you might fantasize about having an expert like horticulturist and garden writer Lee Reich out in your garden with you, dispensing...

Summer Jewels

Annual salvias are real troupers in the garden. No prima donnas, they are tolerant of dry soil, and boom prolifically in full sun. One of the best is Salvia 'Summer Jewel Pink', a 2012 All-America...

The Value of Bees

All gardeners know that bees are valuable creatures without which many of the food plants we depend on would not bear fruit or seeds. But do you know just how valuable they are? According to a...

Plants and Noise Pollution

Well, corn may have ears, but we know it can't hear! So it seems on the surface that noise in the environment should have little effect on plants. But a recent study done around noisy gas wells in...

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In the Garden


Xeriscape Part II: Turf

Xeriscape design includes a set of seven principles to guide you in the creation and long-term maintenance of a colorful, earth-friendly landscape that suits your unique needs. Previous reports covered design and site assessment. Next up: turf....
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Shows & Events

Prescott Arizona Garden Tour The Alta Vista Garden Club presents a self-guided driving tour of six gardens in the central...

Web Finds

Turf Tips Turf Tips provides a wide variety of turf care articles covering fertilizing, weed control,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Basil
  • Transplant Sweet Potatoes
  • Protect Seedlings from Pests with Floating Row Cover
  • Move and Protect Containers
  • Hand Pollinate Tomatoes

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