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May, 2012
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Stand Up and Garden

National News

If that loud noise you hear when you get up from kneeling in your garden is your bones creaking, then Stand Up and Garden (The Countryman Press, 2012, $16.95) is the book for you! Written by...

Toxic Shock

Results from a study done by Michigan-based Ecology Center's Healthy had some alarming news for gardeners. 179 common garden products such as hoses, garden gloves, kneeling pads, and...

Learn about Late Blight

A couple of summers ago, gardeners in many areas of the East were devastated to find their once healthy tomato plants dying within a matter of days. What started as a few water-soaked spots on the...

Pesticides Cause Bees to Lose Their Way

Just about all gardeners are aware that honeybees are in trouble and that scientists are hard at work trying to figure out the cause of their mysterious decline, called colony collapse disorder....

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In the Garden


Hedge Your Bets

I visited the Gamble Garden in Palo Alto a few days ago. I could not have timed my visit any better for viewing the glory of spring. Too bad I didn't buy a lottery ticket that day because luck was certainly on my side. Rectangular beds of lavender...
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Garden Design Best Garden Design by Chris Young (Firefly Publishing, 2010, $35) is a photographic journal of...

Favorite or New Plant

Foxglove Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a biennial flower that is very attractive to hummingbirds. It...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plant Tuberous Begonias
  • Release Beneficial Insects
  • Protect Newly Planted Vegetables
  • Aerate Turf Grass
  • Get a Tetanus Booster

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