Western Mountains and High Plains

May, 2012
Regional Report

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Growing Roses in Cold Climates

National News

The rose is considered by many to be queen of the flower garden, but for northern gardeners especially, she also has a reputation as a demanding diva. The newly revised and updated edition of...

Open Days in the Garden

What's one of the best -- and most enjoyable -- ways to get new ideas and learn about garden design? By visiting some great gardens, of course! That's the idea behind the Garden Conservancy's Open...

Name that Bird Song

One of the delights of gardening has nothing to do with the gardening itself. It is simply the joy at being outdoors, feeling the sun on your face (or maybe some rain at times!), watching bees and...

Invasive Species Surprises

Most gardeners in the Northeast remember the drenching that Tropical Storm Irene gave the region late last summer, and her effects are still being felt, sometimes in unexpected ways. Flooding was...

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In the Garden


Plan and Plant Container Gardens

No matter how busy may be or how limited our gardening space may be, we can still experience the joy of growing and nurturing plants. Even a container filled with flowers or vegetables located near the front or back door brings us closer to nature and...
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Favorite or New Plant

Denver Gold Columbine If you've had trouble growing columbines, be sure to try the Denver Gold Columbine (Aquilegia...

Clever Gardening Technique

Plug Drainage Holes with Screening Recycle old window screen mesh as covering for drainage holes. Cut screening into square pieces...
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Regional Reminders

  • Add Water-Absorbing Soil Amendments to Containers
  • Prevent Aspen Leaf Diseases
  • Use Row Covers for Pest Control
  • Don't Bring White Flies Home
  • Remove Tree Wraps

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