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January, 2012
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Boost your Nutrition

National News

Eat a rainbow! That's the advice that nutritionists give us for choosing the most healthful produce. Richly colored fruits and vegetables -- bright reds, vibrant oranges, deep greens -- are not...

Can You FreezePruf Your Plants?

It sounds like a gardener's dream -- a spray that will safely make plants hardier. And that is exactly what researchers at the University of Alabama and Miami University in Ohio have developed....

Take a Sunset Cruz

If you are looking for a ″knock-your-socks-off″ plant for a container or hanging basket this summer, look no further than the arching form and dangling, fiery orange bells of Begonia...

The Value of Urban Trees

What is a tree on a city street worth? More than you might expect when you take into account all the benefits that trees provide in the urban landscape. This is what Alejandro Chiriboga, an Ohio...

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In the Garden


Extend Your Vegetable Season

This has been the perfect year to extend the season with use of a cold frame or hoop house. It's been unusually warm in my area, all the way into December, and the hoop frames I put over my raised beds have given me wonderful greens all the way through...
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Web Finds

Wisconsin Fresh Market Growers Association Wisconsin Fresh Produce is indicative of a growing trend in most states. This site not only...


Extending the Season The title pretty much says it all. The Winter Harvest Handbook: Year-round Vegetable Production...
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Regional Reminders

  • Bring Christmas Cactus Back to Bloom
  • Plan Your Seed Starting
  • Get Planting Supplies Ready
  • Start Worm Composting
  • Raise Humidity for Houseplants

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