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September, 2011
Regional Report

National News - From NGA Editors

New NGA Environmental Lawn and Garden Survey

National News

National Gardening Association conducted its first Environmental Lawn and Garden Survey in 2004. Concerns about global warming, climate change, our carbon footprint, and all things "green" have...

Reblooming Azaleas

Azaleas have long been the glory of the spring garden, when their showy blossoms adorn the shrubs in vivid shades. Now you can have as much as 20 weeks of colorful flowers with the new Proven...

Global Warming Affects Corn and Wheat Yields

Corn and wheat are staples in the diets of many across the globe, so anything that affects their yields has an impact felt by millions. According to an analysis done by a team of U.S. based...

Get Plant Savvy with Monrovia Videos

Get some savvy gardening advice from Monrovia Nursery's garden experts when you watch Monrovia's plant savvy® Tips videos. Covering a wide variety of subjects, including fruit trees,...

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In the Garden


Big, Bold Flowering Onions

No winter would be survivable without the January flowers of snowdrops, nor can I imagine not breathing in the luscious scent of hyacinths or reveling in the glorious colors of daffodils and tulips. Yet each fall, as I add bulbs to the garden in...
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Favorite or New Plant

Lemon Coral Sedum With the ever-increasing concerns about water usage, succulents are gaining more prominence in...

Tool or Gardening Product

Corona Sharpening Tool Full Disclosure Number 1: I don't sharpen knives, scissors, or garden tools until they absolutely...
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Regional Reminders

  • Dry Herbs
  • Get Houseplants Ready to Move Indoors
  • Practice Chainsaw Safety
  • Store Winter Squash
  • Think About the Birds

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