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September, 2011
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Lemons for Limes

National News

If your garden produced a bounty of vegetables this summer, you may have had more than you and your family could eat at certain times. What to do with all that extra produce? Many of us share with...

Hot Enough for You?

Lots of gardeners across the country would probably answer with a resounding "Yes!" given the extreme heat in many areas this past summer. And the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...

Back to Eden

Back to Eden is a new feature documentary that follows one man's revolutionary approach to organic gardening. "It's all about the covering!" is how Paul Gautschi enthusiastically describes his...

Fall Frost Dates

Gardeners are becoming more and more interested in keeping their gardens as productive as possible into the fall and winter months. Whether growing in the open garden or using season extenders...

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In the Garden


Made for the Shade

It is hot and muggy outside. Even in the shade the mercury is pushing three digits. There is something very wrong when sitting in the shade doing nothing leaves you soaked in perspiration! While we gardeners may retreat to the safety of an air...
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Web Finds

Local Food Local Harvest is a great way to find local producers including farmers' markets and...

Clever Gardening Technique

Filling A Tree Cavity? Older trees that have not been properly cared for often have hollow cavities where limbs were...
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Regional Reminders

  • Shear Roses
  • Plant Warm Season Fall Flowers
  • Inspect Drip Irrigation Lines
  • Start Fall Transplants Indoors
  • Air Layer Giant Houseplants

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