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August, 2011
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More Good Reasons to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

National News

For years we've been told that, in terms of weight loss, it's not what you eat but how much that matters. If you eat fewer calories, you'll lose weight, regardless of where those calories come...

If You Want to Get Rich, Become a Farmer

This surprising bit of advice comes from Wall Street investment whiz Jim Rogers. It seems that while the rest of the economy continues to limp along, the farm sector is in something of a boom....

Grow a Weed-free Garden

Weeds are the bane of just about every gardener. While insect and disease problems may wax and wane with pest populations cycles and the weather, just about everyone who gardens counts weeding...

Landscape Mulches and Fire Safety

The battles against big wildfires in the Southwest and other parts of the country this summer highlight the importance for homeowners in fire-prone areas to consider the combustibility of mulch...

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In the Garden


Sand, Salt and Gardens

When you live on the Coast, plant choices and gardening practices may hinge on the distinction between beach-front and leeward. The difference is as important to gardeners as that between public and private space. Tree Strengths Although the...
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Favorite or New Plant

Calico Plant My theory that a plant with many common names has widespread popularity certainly holds true for...

Tool or Gardening Product

Ace 6-in-1 Sharpening Tool Every gardener needs to keep her tools sharp and this tool makes that task easy to do. Only 7...
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Regional Reminders

  • Plan to Plant
  • Divide and Replant
  • Lime for Spinach
  • Care for Flowers
  • Get Ready for Grasses

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