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May, 2011
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The Perils of Prenatal Pesticide Exposure

National News

More and more evidence is accumulating on the harmful effects of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical hazards, especially on the health and development of our children. Three recently...

Don't Reach Back

Are you one of those shoppers who reach into the back recesses of the produce display hoping to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration date? Well, it turns out that grabbing...

Blueberries against Breast Cancer?

Can the fruits you eat while pregnant have a beneficial effect on your children years into their lives? That's the question that Rosalia Simmen and co-investigators at the Arkansas Children's...

Suburban Lead

Common wisdom had it that gardeners growing plants in urban areas are the ones who need to be worrying about high levels of lead and other heavy metals in their soils. But some recent research by...

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In the Garden


Hydrangea Pruning Pointers

Have you planted a hydrangea and then been disappointed when all you got was green leaves instead of the gorgeous blossoms you'd been looking forward to? What went wrong? There are a few possibilities. One possible explanation is that you pruned your...
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Clever Gardening Technique

Add Interest with Leaf Color and Texture When planning a perennial flower garden, it's easy to think mostly about the contribution the...

Web Finds

Cornell Flower Growing Guides Looking for advice on how to grow a particular flower? Cornell Flower Growing Guides is a...
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Regional Reminders

  • Harvest Asparagus
  • Keep an Eye Out for Flea Beetles
  • Ditch Potato Beetles
  • Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs After Bloom
  • Care for Strawberries

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