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May, 2011
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Delightful Daisies

National News

Many of the plants we use as annuals in our summer gardens are not botanically true annuals. Instead they are tender perennials, plants that in warm enough climates would return year after year....

2011 Urban Tree of the Year

If you are looking for a medium-size tree that not only has eye-catching blossoms, but it tough and adaptable as well, you might want to consider the choice of the Society of Municipal Arborists...

Basket of Fire

Want some red-hot hanging baskets this summer? Try 'Basket of Fire', the first ornamental pepper that has been bred especially for hanging baskets. Growing about 10 inches tall and 14-18 inches...

Lawn Pesticide Facts and Figures

America's love affair with the lawn accounts for much of the pesticide exposure we and our children and pets receive to in our home environments. According to Beyond Pesticides, a national...

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In the Garden


A Haven For Hummingbirds

One of my gardening pleasures is to work in the cool of the evening during summer, with my pets resting nearby. The vegetable garden area is centered with a honeysuckle, so hummingbirds usually join us at this quiet time. That distinctive whirring sound...
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Web Finds

Local Harvest Wanting to eat more locally grown food but not sure about the options beyond your own garden?...

Tool or Gardening Product

Mini Circlehoe For those who read this column regularly, yes, I have written about the Circlehoe before, but...
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Regional Reminders

  • Eat Asparagus
  • Give Your Houseplants a Summer Vacation
  • Be Good to Your Soil
  • Shop for Both Unusual and Common Annuals
  • Look for Special Plant Sales and Garden Tours

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