Western Mountains and High Plains

April, 2011
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Self-Reliant Roses

National News

The rose may be the queen of flowers, but many of the roses grown in gardens today will only look regal when given a toxic regimen of pesticides to ward off disease and insects, along with lots of...

Here Comes the Sun

Annual sunflowers are among the most gratifying plants to grow. Simply stick a few seeds in the ground after the soil has warmed up, and before you know it, the plants are up and racing skyward to...

Get Help Solving Plant Problems

What's wrong with my plant? Is this plant a weed? What insect is this? Are these questions you've asked yourself but been unsure how to answer? The folks at the University of Minnesota Extension...

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Broccoli

Former President George H. W. Bush famously remarked, "I do not like broccoli." Perhaps he'd have liked it more if he ate it sprinkled with sugar. While a spoonful of sugar might help the broccoli...

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In the Garden


Time to Get the Lawn Back in Shape

It's time for me to confess. The lawn has been neglected for the past few months. Spring has arrived and the moisture has started to turn blades green again. Now the dog spots are taller in clumps, dry spots are showing up (oops, I forgot to do some...
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Organic Gardening in the West As you get ready to start the vegetable garden, consider going organic. This little book is a...

Favorite or New Plant

Russian Hawthorn Russian hawthorn (Crataegus ambigua) is a hardy tree with unique qualities that traces its...
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Regional Reminders

  • Feed the Hummingbirds
  • Be Picky When Buying Perennials
  • Fertilize Cool Season Grasses
  • Rejuvenate Forsythia Shrubs
  • Eat your "Weedies"

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