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March, 2011
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Late Blight Tolerant Cherry Tomato

National News

Late blight has been a scourge for many tomato growers in eastern parts of the country in the last couple of years. This disease, caused by the fungus-like pathogen Phytopthora infestans can...

Potting Soil Safety

Most of the bacteria you might encounter in potting soil and compost is of the beneficial variety, part of a community of microorganisms that helps to make nutrients available to plants and...

The Year of the Zinnia

The National Garden Bureau has declared 2011 to be the Year of the Zinnia. These easy to grow annuals not only provide season-long color, but are available in such a wide range of colors, heights...

Grafting Tomatoes

We've all probably heard of grafting fruit trees and roses, but tomatoes? Grafted tomatoes are becoming popular because they allow fruiting varieties that may not exhibit good disease resistance...

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In the Garden


Superior Sumacs

Revenge hardly ever, maybe never, tastes sweet, but vindication can be another story entirely. Many of trees and shrubs in my garden are native to the area, and among my favorites are various sumacs. From childhood, I have appreciated their glorious...
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Web Finds

Freeze/Frost Maps Experience and a bit of intuition, along with information on past seasons, certainly come into...

Clever Gardening Technique

Weeding, Fertilizing and Mulching Early Granted it slows down soil warming, but over the years, I've come to appreciate the benefits of...
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Regional Reminders

  • Start Seeds Indoors
  • Prune Everbearing Raspberries
  • Check Power Equipment and Tools
  • Transplant Dormant Trees and Shrubs
  • Sow Cool-Weather Crops

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