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February, 2011
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Blazing Good Pepper

National News

Nutritionists encourage us to include lots of colorful, fresh produce in our diets. Ripe sweet bell peppers in an array of colors, from yellow and orange to red and purple, are a tasty way to do...

Pollinator-Friendly Gardening

Are you concerned about the decline in both honeybees and native pollinators? Want to know what you can do to help? The Penn State Center for Pollinator Research has a helpful website with lots of...

Journey to Shangri-La

What is it about the first flowers of spring that make them so delightful? Maybe it the sight of color in the garden after the long month of winter that makes us revel so in the blossoms of...

Allergies Worsen Along with Climate Change

A newly released study by the USDA confirms what many allergy sufferers may have suspected. "Ragweed pollen in some parts of the northern United States and Canada now lingers almost a month longer...

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In the Garden


Keeping Chickens

You can buy a lot of eggs for what you would spend for keeping chickens, but there are benefits other than eggs. Chicken manure is like gold for enriching the soil in your garden beds. The straw from their compound can be used as mulch with that little...
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Shows & Events

Pacific Orchid Exposition The Pacific Orchid Exposition is the largest orchid show in the country and is aptly named for...

Web Finds

Backyard Chickens Backyard Chickens has just about everything you need to know about raising chickens including...
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Regional Reminders

  • Citrus to Repel Skunks
  • Top Dress Lawns
  • Groom Hillside Shrubs
  • Water Cyclamen Correctly
  • Purchase Summer Blooming Bulbs

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