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February, 2011
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Half a Plate of Produce

National News

"Make half the food on your plate fruits and vegetables." Following this tip is an easy way to bring your diet in line with the USDA's recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 ....

Killing Weeds Organically

Many gardeners prefer to steer clear of chemical herbicides, yet are looking for ways to make weed control easier. There are a number of organic herbicide products on the market these days. Are...

Vulnerable Viburnums

In the early 1990s, a previously unknown fungus-like organism called Phytopthora ramorum was discovered infecting rhododendrons and viburnums in parts of Europe. Then this same organism was...

Get Ready for Hijinks this Halloween

Halloween, that holiday of tricks and treats, may seem a long way away as winter cold and snow still covers much of country. But it's not too early to be planning your hijinks -- in the form of...

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In the Garden


Barking Up the Right Tree

When I think about adding trees to my landscape, my first impulse is often to consider characteristics such as flowers and leaves when making my choices. But then I think of the old saying about Vermont -- ten months of winter and two months of bad...
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Favorite or New Plant

'Lipstick' Sweet Pepper Cool Vermont is not exactly known as prime pepper producing territory. That's why 'Lipstick'...

Clever Gardening Technique

Leave Branch Collar Intact When Pruning Trees To promote healing, avoid cutting tree branches off flush with the trunk. Start by locating the...
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Regional Reminders

  • Start Celery and Celeriac Seeds
  • Don't Worry About Early-Sprouting Bulbs
  • Care for Your Miniature Rose
  • Take the Primrose Path
  • Prune Apple and Pear Trees

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