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January, 2011
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Blanket the Garden with Color

National News

When it comes to a long bloom period in the perennial garden, few plants can top blanket flowers. Their bright, daisy-like flowers just keep coming and coming. All they ask for is plenty of...

Walnut Worries

First it was chestnut blight and Dutch elm disease, then dogwood anthracnose, the Asian longhorned beetle and the emerald ash borer. It seems as if some new threat to our trees is always on the...

Pick Some Pots of Pumpkins

Want to get a head start on your pumpkin patch this spring? The Natural Gardening Company can help with its potted seedlings available by mail-order. New for 2011 is a unique assortment of pumpkin...

One Sweet Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are long-time garden favorites for their beautiful, fragrant blossoms. Old fashioned varieties of these annuals are tall climbers, needing a bamboo tepee, trellis or other support to...

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In the Garden



I prune my fruit trees in January and often use the cuttings for grafting projects, or I save them for gardening friends who like to be creative with their own trees. Grafting is a late winter project and you won't see much in the way of new growth...
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Shows & Events

Tacoma Home & Garden Show The 28th Annual Tacoma Home & Garden Show, Washington State's largest combined home and garden...


Plant Propagation A to Z In Plant Propagation A to Z: Growing Plants for Free by Geoff Bryant (Firefly Books, 2003,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Check Your Lawn Mower
  • Plant New Trees and Shrubs
  • Recycle your Christmas Tree
  • Control Slugs
  • Control Weeds

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