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December, 2010
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Poinsettias for Polar Bears

National News

Want to decorate for the holidays and support endangered polar bears at the same time? Look for the 'Eckespoint® Polar Bear' poinsettia. This stunning new white poinsettia, bred by Ecke Ranch,...

Up with Foxgloves

Foxgloves are quintessential cottage garden plants, their tall spires of softly-hued flowers adding a vertical accent to the billowing silhouettes of so many other bloomers in early summer. But on...

Hooray for Holly

It is a Christmas tradition to "deck the halls with boughs of holly," although the custom of using holly as a decoration for winter time festivals and celebrations goes back to the Druids of...

Social Sagebrush and other Curiosities

Most of us don't think of our plants as having a social life. But some new research shows that, while your beans and begonias may not updating their Facebook pages, some plants are aware of who's...

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In the Garden


Reclaiming Overgrown Houseplants

I get the "new houseplant fever" sometime every winter, perhaps due to the limited opportunities for outdoor growing and the fact that they arrive en masse in local garden centers and big box stores. These economical "starter size" plants look rather...
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Web Finds

How to Air Layer How to Air Layer A Houseplant is an online publication from Iowa State Extension that...

Clever Gardening Technique

Shred Leaves and Pine Needles Tree leaves and pine needles make excellent natural mulches. To make a more attractive mulch that...
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Regional Reminders

  • Start New Cool Season Greens
  • Plant Bulbs
  • Root Perennial Herb Cuttings
  • Order Seeds and Bare Root Plants
  • Prepare Soil for Acid Loving Shrubs

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