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December, 2010
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Tomatoes for Small Spaces

National News

More and more gardeners are producing crops of tasty, nutritious fresh vegetables in containers. Whether on a balcony in an urban setting, taking advantage of a sunny driveway in a shady suburban...

Power up Garlic's Pungency

Garlic's pungent odor may be great for warding off vampires, but it is also an indication of its healthfulness. Allicin is one of the main sulfur compounds in garlic that is responsible not only...

Tools for Women

One size fits all may be fine for some things, but not when it comes to garden tools. According to Ann Adams, co-founder of Green Heron Tools, most garden and agricultural tools were designed with...

Ecological Pest Management Made Easy

Want to know what biorational controls to use to deal with codling moths in your apples? How about under what trade names the microbial pesticide Bt is sold? Wondering if a pesticide is OMRI...

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In the Garden


Winter Edible Gardening-- With Rain!

The sun's light and warmth slip to the year's low ebb this month. During warm spells, however, some seeds will germinate, so sowing under protected conditions is worth the effort. These seedlings can fill gaps in the winter garden and continue...
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Favorite or New Plant

Live Holiday Tree This Year? Choose a smaller size of tree, as it'll adapt better than a more mature one. After you bring the...

Clever Gardening Technique

Paint As Markers For Pruning Later Prune dead or damaged tree limbs, or mark them with paint now so you won't miss them later when...
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Regional Reminders

  • Pick As You Eat
  • Discontinue Nitrogen Feeding
  • More Bulb Planting
  • Feed with Potassium & Phosphorus for Spring Bloom
  • Frost Protection for Shrubs

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