November, 2010
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Climate Friendly Gardening

National News

While climate change is a global problem, home gardeners can do their part to avoid contributing to the problem. By following the dictum "Think globally, act locally," gardeners can use...

Broccoli for Healthy Babies

Expectant mothers know that eating a healthy diet while pregnant is important for the development of healthy babies. Now new research indicates that substances in the diets of pregnant mothers...

Glamorous Kale

Ornamental cabbages and kales are some of the most colorful additions to the fall garden. Displaying eye-catching, ruffled textures and vivid shades of pink, purple, red, white and green, these...

Clear the Air with Houseplants

Scientists have known for years that plants can take up common indoor air pollutants, improving the air quality for the occupants of homes and offices while not harming the plants themselves. One...

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In the Garden


Shake Your Root Ball

"Be more brutal than you can imagine" isn't your usual gardening advice. It was Jenny Rose Carey's "hottest tip," though, on a recent tour of her quite diverse Northview gardens near Temple University's Ambler campus. Carey is the Director of the...
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Favorite or New Plant

Japanese Umbrella Pine Also known as Sciadopitys verticillata , this stately evergreen catches the eye, inviting second...

Shows & Events

Morris Arboretum Internship Applications Being Accepted The Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania is accepting applicants for year-long,...
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Regional Reminders

  • Prepare Bird Feeders
  • Read the Label and More
  • Dig Up Dahlia, Canna, Gladiola, Tuberose, Caladiium, Begonias
  • Think Intelligent Bird Feeding
  • Gather Fall Treasures for Holiday Creations

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